How A Food Broker Can Help Your Business

5 October 2020
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If you run a food service company selling or preparing food for the retail market, then a food broker can help. They can help get your product on U.S. tables, get you more bang for your buck, and work with you to expand your business.

On The Table

A food broker is a service that connects food service companies that make edible consumer products to companies that sell those products on your behalf. There are ways to get your product on the shelves without a food broker — many retailers will offer companies the chance to present and push for their product to be included on the shelves by manually going through their application process. However, a food broker can go through the application process for you as well as cooperate with the product buyer (that they likely already know) when it comes to sale volume, costs, discounts, and other elements of selling your food product.

Save You Time

Another benefit of a food broker is that they can save you valuable time and money, which helps you keep more of either one for other business activities. For example, food brokers have more experience with getting their foot in the door with the businesses that can sell your product, which means you don't need to network as much. They can also look at your company's product and determine which stores are better for you to take your product to, which reduces the amount of money wasted on stores that offer little in sales volume. These elements can help you expand your business more than if you had to go it alone.

Long-Term Success

Finally, food brokers can help you with the long-term success of your company. Food brokers work with a variety of venders over time, and as they continue to develop business relationships over time, they can leverage that networking on your behalf. Additionally, you can work with a food broker several times over the course of your career to use newfound capital to expand your business to other stores and vendors. If you had to manually find viable new stores and pitch your product every time you wanted to expand your business, you'd need to set aside quite a bit of time.

Food brokers are an important resource for those wanting to sell edible products to the American consumer. They can help pitch your product to the retailers that can sell your product, save you time better spent on other things, and develop profitable business relationships. Find a food broker for your business today.