Why Invest In A Hamburger Moulder?

5 December 2019
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When you run a restaurant, owning the right equipment is very important. The right equipment can make your employees' jobs much simpler and streamline the process of food production. If you run a classic American restaurant that serves traditional foods such as cheeseburgers and hamburgers, you should invest in hamburger moulder equipment. Hamburger moulder equipment is specially designed to press ground beef into hamburger patties that are ready to grill. Here are four excellent reasons you need a hamburger moulder in your restaurant kitchen.

1. Save time

When you run a restaurant, time is of the essence. Customers don't like to wait for their food, so anything you can do to speed up the process can greatly improve customer satisfaction. A hamburger moulder can help your employees shape hamburger patties quickly and efficiently. Using this piece of equipment will yield much faster results than shaping hamburger patties by hand, which means your customers will receive their food more quickly.

2. Save money

Hamburger moulder equipment can help you save money by reducing waste. When your hamburger patties are molded to the exact size needed, you will have less waste. You'll be able to accurately calculate the number of patties you can make from a pound of ground beef, which will allow you to order the amount that your restaurant needs. The ability to be more precise can help you avoid ordering too much product by accident. Since hamburger moulder equipment makes the patty shaping process much faster, you can also save money on labor costs. Your workers can finish shaping the patties sooner, which will free up their time to tackle other tasks.

3. Serve uniformly sized hamburger patties

Consistency will help your customers know what to expect when they buy a meal from your restaurant. Hamburger moulder equipment allows you to press patties to the desired thickness, ensuring a uniform product every time. Your employees can simply weigh out the correct amount of ground beef, then place it in the hamburger moulder. You can choose to press your hamburger patties to half-inch or quarter-inch thickness.

4. Keep your workflow sanitary.

Hamburger moulder equipment is made from metal which is easy to clean. Your employees can clean your hamburger moulder equipment using a rag and hot, soapy water. It can also be sanitized with a bleach solution at the end of the day. The nonporous material means your hamburger moulder won't harbor dangerous bacteria that can make people sick.