Water Solutions For Remote Homes

27 February 2019
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Whether you have a cabin that's off the grid or you're moving permanently to a rural place, you'll need to find a way to get water into your home. Availability of water is one of the challenges that come with living far from the city. There are many parts of the country that are not connected to an established water supply system. This means that anyone living in these parts must know how they are going to get water for domestic use. What options are available to you in such a situation?

Digging a Well

The use of wells is one that goes back thousands of years. People have known for a while that if you dig deep enough, you'll find water at some point. Digging simple wells may be enough for you; however, depending on your needs, you may need machinery to dig a well that's much deeper. This can allow you to access more water. This is also necessary for areas with a deep water table.

The problem with wells is that the water may be contaminated. Heavy metals, industries in the past and present, and even agricultural chemicals have been known to contaminate groundwater.

Rain Water Harvesting

One of the most environmentally friendly solutions is to collect rainwater. Rain can provide you with easy access to water that's purer than what you'd find in a well. The process of setting up the tanks and the gutters also doesn't require nearly as much energy.

However, rainwater harvesting has a number of drawbacks. Not all roofing is suited for rainwater harvesting since some materials can contaminate the water. The rainwater may also be contaminated in areas with heavy air pollution. Lastly, a few months without rain could leave you with no water.

Water Delivery

One of the options that are proving more popular is to simply have water delivered from other areas. Bulk water delivery from a company like Dean's  Waterservice Inc offers you a convenient water solution that's available throughout the year. This may cost you more than having a well or collecting rainwater, but you won't have to worry about contamination. Water delivery companies are required to maintain very high levels of hygiene, and the water also goes through extensive purification.

Combined Solutions

Many people in remote areas will choose to have more than one solution. You can have water delivered for drinking and washing while you use the well water for flushing the toilet.