4 Entry Level Jobs That Will Have You Working In A Hospital In Less Than 6 Months

7 July 2016
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Working in a hospital setting is appealing to many people. Job security, good pay, and good benefits all come with a hospital job. There are several entry level jobs that hospitals are always looking to fill that require minimal training. Once hired, you can continue your education for a better position and the hospital will often help pay your tuition.

1. CNA: A certified nursing assistant is a great way to get your foot in the healthcare door. This position involves direct, hands-on patient care, and certification can be obtained in as little as three to six months, depending on your state. Each state also has a certification exam. Once working in the field, you can continue on to become an licensed practical nurse and later a registered nurse.  

2. Food Handlers: Hospitals are always on the look out for reliable food handlers. To obtain the required food handlers card, you will need to take courses in safe food handling, temperature control, and sterilization. The cost of the classes are simply an investment in your future earning potential. Contact professionals like Ace Food Handler to learn more.

3. Phlebotomy: If you have ever had your blood drawn, you know what a phlebotomist does. Training on the proper way to draw blood can be completed through both private, for-profit programs as well as through many community colleges. The classes often takes less than six months and are followed by a licensing exam. Phlebotomy can be a fulfilling and well paid career, or it could lead you to continue your studies. Many phlebotomists go on to become medical lab technicians, which is essentially the next step in the blood collection process. 

4. Patient Transport: Patients need to be transported back and forth throughout the hospital. Whether they need to go down for x-rays or need to be completely moved to a room on another floor, someone needs to move them. Nurses can't, however, as they need to manage several patients at once and cannot leave their assigned station. This is where patient transport comes in. The job entails either transferring the patient to a wheelchair or moving the entire bed, which is on wheels. This position requires no certification, but is a great way to start working at a hospital while you figure out what you want to study in the future.

All of these jobs are entry level, yet are far better for your future than a fast food job. Plus, they can lead you up the next rung on the healthcare ladder.