Want To Be Sneaky? How To Serve Healthy Foods To The Kids In Your School In A Hidden Way

13 October 2015
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If you are in charge of the food at your school, you need to make sure the students eat healthy. There are many ways you can sneak good food into food that is usually considered to be unhealthy. From things like soup to mac and cheese, the kids will never know they are eating healthy dishes while they are enjoying the delicious food you serve to them. Make a list of the healthy foods you want to serve to the kids to give to the food service management company to ensure they bring you the right ingredients.

Soup of the Day

It is easy to sneak in some healthy foods when making soup. The cook could use whole wheat pasta instead of regular pasta, and the children will likely never even notice it. Add some finely-chopped spinach leaves and mushrooms to vegetable soup- so small that kids cannot tell what they are. 

You could make squash soup and put sweet potato chips on top. Bean soup can also be served. You can find beans in different colors, such as white, black, pink, or dark or light red kidney beans. Kids generally like colorful food, and will be more inclined to eat it.

Mac and Cheese

Most kids love macaroni and cheese, but it is not known as a healthy food. You can make it healthier by using whole wheat pasta. Put some squash and plain yogurt in a blender until it is smooth, and add this mixture in with the cheese sauce so that it all melts together. The mac and cheese will differ in taste only slightly.


If your school likes to put something a little sweet on the lunch tray, spread some low fat yogurt on a toasted wheat flatbread, and top it with cut up bananas, apples, pears, berries, or whatever fruit you have on hand. To make the desserts small enough to fit onto the tray, when you finish making them, cut the flatbread up into small slices like you would for pizza.

Food bars

Consider setting up food bars at your school so the kids have more choices. You could set up a fruit and vegetable bar. You could also set up a sandwich bar and serve only wheat bread with fresh meats, along with healthy toppings, like spinach leaves, green peppers, and pickles. Offer whole wheat wraps instead of bread, and serve mustard and butter instead of mayonnaise.

The food service management company, like New Horizon Foods, you use may be able to give you even more ideas on healthy things you can serve to the kids at your school.