3 Reasons To Use Official Parts When Having Your Frymaster Repaired

2 March 2015
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In your commercial kitchen, your Frymaster is probably a critical piece of equipment to serve up your delicious meals. When your commercial deep fryer stops working, it can obviously slow your production down to a halt and can negatively affect your business in more way than one. This can leave you wanting to get your deep fryer repaired as quickly as possible, but there is one shortcut that you shouldn't take.

Although you might be tempted to purchase a comparable, non-manufacturer's part to fix your Frymaster, this isn't a good idea. These are the main reasons why you should only use official parts when repairing your equipment.

1. Make Sure it Fits

Even though aftermarket parts might be similar to what is on your equipment,you may find they don't end up being a perfect fit. This can lead to issues with installation, and even if the part does slide into place, it might not work properly.

There are a lot of different models of commercial deep fryers out there, and although they might be very similar, their parts are generally at least a little bit different. By buying official parts, however, you will ensure that your parts fit perfectly when you go to repair your deep fryer.

2. Maintain Your Equipment Warranty

If your equipment is under warranty, you probably have to follow certain guidelines in order to maintain that warranty in case you need it. One common stipulation is that you have to use manufacturer-approved parts only, so if you use a non-official part on your deep fryer, then your entire warranty might be invalidated.

This can cost you a lot more money and grief in the long run, so it's better to use the parts that will allow you to keep your warranty valid for as long as possible.

3. Keep Your Kitchen Safe

If your equipment is repaired with the wrong parts, it might not be able to operate properly. In the case of a deep fryer, this can obviously be very dangerous. You can cut down on potential fire and safety issues by ensuring that you always use the right parts to repair your deep fryer and other equipment.

As you can see, it usually doesn't pay to use non-official parts to repair your deep fryer. In fact, it typically isn't a good idea to use aftermarket parts on any of your commercial kitchen equipment, so invest in manufacturer's parts for best results when repairing your deep fryer or other equipment.

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