Water Solutions For Remote Homes

27 February 2019
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Whether you have a cabin that's off the grid or you're moving permanently to a rural place, you'll need to find a way to get water into your home. Availability of water is one of the challenges that come with living far from the city. There are many parts of the country that are not connected to an established water supply system. This means that anyone living in these parts must know how they are going to get water for domestic use. Read More 

4 Entry Level Jobs That Will Have You Working In A Hospital In Less Than 6 Months

7 July 2016
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Working in a hospital setting is appealing to many people. Job security, good pay, and good benefits all come with a hospital job. There are several entry level jobs that hospitals are always looking to fill that require minimal training. Once hired, you can continue your education for a better position and the hospital will often help pay your tuition. 1. CNA: A certified nursing assistant is a great way to get your foot in the healthcare door. Read More 

4 Ways To Go About Catering Your Wedding

23 February 2016
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When it comes to catering your wedding, you want to choose the best option for you and your guests. It's always best to meet with a catering company, such as Personal Touch Experience, to discuss your options in order to understand how they specifically set up each style of catering. However, here are the four most common ways to go about it: Plated: Seated plated catering is when the caterers will bring out each individual course to your guests much like what they would do at a restaurant. Read More 

Want To Be Sneaky? How To Serve Healthy Foods To The Kids In Your School In A Hidden Way

13 October 2015
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If you are in charge of the food at your school, you need to make sure the students eat healthy. There are many ways you can sneak good food into food that is usually considered to be unhealthy. From things like soup to mac and cheese, the kids will never know they are eating healthy dishes while they are enjoying the delicious food you serve to them. Make a list of the healthy foods you want to serve to the kids to give to the food service management company to ensure they bring you the right ingredients. Read More 

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue For Your Small, Budget-Friendly Wedding

14 May 2015
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Are you planning an intimate wedding on a strict budget? If so, you can save a substantial amount of money just by choosing the right wedding venue. This doesn't mean that you have to say your vows in an undesirable location. In fact, because you're planning a smaller wedding, there are several beautiful wedding venue options available to you, and you don't have to pay a small fortune to rent one. Read More